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Wanna Accept Decline Calls With Your Voice? Have you ever feel tired of picking up calls? Because every time when my phone rings I have to physically present there to pick my call, which sometimes frustrates me. I hope same had happened with you folks too. So today I will tell you how to accept decline calls with your voice. you don’t have to completely present there, you can do this while you are at a distance from your phone.

Why You Need A Hack To Accept Decline Calls With Your Voice?

To be honest i am a lazy person and i don’t want to shift my body for just picking up my phone😂. So I want a hack for this too, while searching a solution for this problem I came across an android app which is partially solving my problem. And when i tried this app then I realized it is good for people like me, so I am sharing my experience with you guys and also gonna share that hack with you guys which can accept/decline calls with your voice.

How To Accept Decline Calls With Your Voice?

So finally I am gonna reveal that android application for which you are looking for. This android app is available on google play store and it is fully trusted. if you wanna use that hack which can accept decline calls with your voice then you have to download an android app called Bolo. Yeah, this name suite this android app😂. After downloading and installing this android app you have to set some things up to properly use this Bolo android application which I will tell you in detail.

accept decline calls with your voice


How To Use Bolo App To Accept Decline calls With Your Voice?

I hope till now you had downloaded the Bolo application in your phone. Now i will tell you how to set things up to keep that app running.

  1. First, you have to open this application.
  2. The first thing you see in this application on opening it will be to enable Accessibility settings. You have to select that. Then you have to find the Bolo app from the list of various apps and enable the button beside Bolo app. It will pop up to ask you one more time for accessing notification access settings of your phone. You have to Tap on allow.accept decline calls with your voice accept decline calls with your voice accept decline calls with your voice
  3. Now you have to come back to the app and select let’s start.                                          accept decline calls with your voice
  4. Now it will show you to ‘Set your voice command to Accept Incoming Calls‘ with a yellow button of launch mic. you have to select launch mic and then you have to say that word twice with which you want to accept your incoming calls and if it doesn’t recognize well then you can edit the text or if it collects the word as you pronounced then save it and move further. For example, you are choosing your magical word as ‘Bring it on’ or ‘hello’. Now everytime your phone rings and you want to pick the call then you just have to say ‘Bring it on’ or ‘hello’ and your call will be accepted automatically.                                                                                       accept decline calls with your voice accept decline calls with your voice accept decline calls with your voice
  5. Once Again it will ask you to ‘Set your voice command to decline incoming calls‘ and you have to tap on that yellow button which shows you to launch mic, you have to follow the same steps for setting up your magical word or command to declince your call.                                                                                                  accept decline calls with your voice accept decline calls with your voiceMore Interesting Topics
  6. Everything is set up now. If you want to apply some custom themes on your calling screen then you can choose them from the home section of Bolo app. It has lots of cool themes for your calling screen, which really looks awesome and colorful.                           accept decline calls with your voice
  7. You can add more voice commands if you want by going into the settings of Bolo app and there you will see a section of custom words for Accept, Decline and speaker. So you can set up three voice commands or custom words for these each task.                          accept decline calls with your voice accept decline calls with your voice accept decline calls with your voice
  8. In settings, there is another cool option named ‘Caller name’. If you enable that settings then whenever you get a call from someone, then your phone will speak up the name of the caller in a louder tone. Which is pretty good in case you want to know who is calling and then you can give your commands according to that caller.                                      accept decline calls with your voice
  9. And now this app is in working condition and whenever you get any call you just have to say your custom magical words to accept decline your call.

Final words

If you want a solution for your daily problem of accepting and declining the calls by touching your phone then this is the best solution for you guys. You can now accept decline calls by your voice now. If you like this post then please make sure to rate this post by giving it some yellow stars😂 present below.



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