20 Best IOS Emulators for Windows PC to run iOS apps 2018(Online & Offline)

20 best ios emulators for windows pc
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Do you also want to use some of the best IOS apps about are restricted because you own a Windows PC? That could be a bummer, but you don’t have to worry now because today we are going to tell you the best IOS emulators for Windows using which you can run IOS apps on your Windows PC.
As you may know how hard life gets while transferring data when you have an iPhone and a Windows PC. This article is for all of you who also face such problems.
You can enjoy all IOS apps and games even if you don’t have any Apple device using these emulators on your Windows PC.
Using these emulators you can also test and develop IOS apps on your Windows device.
You just need a Windows PC/Laptop and an emulator to enjoy the best IOS apps on your Windows device.

What is an IOS emulator?what is an ios emulator

Before looking let best ios emulators for windows, let’s get an idea about what emulators actually are.
Emulators are software that creates a virtual environment of the different Operating System on your current OS without actually installing it on your device. For example, like you may have played Super Mario or Contra on your Windows PC these games are not made for Windows but you are able to play these using Emulator. Emulator makes your OS behave like a different machine working on different OS. I think it’s clear now that an emulator is a software which allows you to run apps or software which are specifically designed for some other machine.
These emulators are based on the concept of Virtualization, the same technology, which is also responsible for creating virtual machines.


As we know Emulators create a different OS environment on your native OS whereas Simulators do not create an exact copy of hardware as emulators.
Unlike emulator, the simulator creates only the software aspect of OS environment. Simulators are useful if you just want to play games or run apps etc but they are not useful if you want to do development.
So that’s why most users prefer simulators and most developers use emulators for development and testing. But we’ll suggest you use an emulator as some apps don’t work on simulators which need some developer privileges.

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Emulators were originally built so that application developers can test programs even if they don’t have a specific machine.
1. It’s free.
2. You can run different operating systems like IOS, Linux, Android etc on your machine.
3. You can test apps without running them on the particular Operating system.


1. Emulators are memory consuming software so you really need a powerful PC for smooth functioning.
2. It may disturb working of other concurrently running programs.

ONLINE VS OFFLINE IOS EMULATOR?online vs offline ios emulator

An offline emulator is one in which you need to install a software on your machine in order to emulate apps of other OS. Whereas, an online emulator works on the cloud you just need to access the website and start using the emulator that is running on a remote machine. That is one of the biggest advantages of an online emulator that you don’t need to install anything on your machine.
As emulators are memory hungry software they disturb the normal functioning of other concurrent running apps so it is always better to use an online emulator if you don’t want it for regular use.
The only problem with online emulators is that they need an internet connection.
If you are a developer, use an offline emulator and if you want to play games or want to get the feel of iOS device or iOS apps use an online emulator.


  1. APP.IObest ios emulator app.io

    App.io holds its position firmly among best iOS emulators for windows in the market. It has a very basic interface which makes it a top choice for users.
    All you have to do is upload the app zip file to continue. However, you may find APP.IO a bit slow as it sometimes needs much time for uploading apps depending on your internet connection. After that, it’s very easy to use. Its available for free for a trial period of 7 days. The best part is it uses cloud you don’t need to install any software.
    Compatibility – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari Browser
    Rating – 3.5/5 DOWNLOAD

  2. APPETIZE.IObest ios emulator appetize.io

    Appetize.io is considered as the best iOS emulator for Windows and Linux. It gives you simple access to download and run iOS apps on your machine. It’s an entirely online emulator working from a cloud. You don’t need to install any software you just need a working internet connection. It’s free for the first 100 minutes per month once you signup after that you have to pay charges as you use i.e you will be charged $0.05 per minute.
    How to use Appetize.io
    1. Go to appetize.io.
    2. Upload your app.
    3. Enter your e-mail address for app link.
    4. After that, you will get a link on your mail using which you can access the app.
    Rating – 4/5  DOWNLOAD APPETIZE

  3. iPad Simulatorbest emulator for windows pc is ipad simulator

    It’s a cloud iOS Emulator for Windows PC. It works on chrome but it has been removed from Chrome Webstore. You can also get Apple features like Siri using iPad simulator. You don’t need any physical iPad still you can get all functionality using this extension. You can also access iMessage and send messages, also Siri is enabled on long press. Your app will be saved permanently in the cloud storage.
    Compatibility – Windows, Chrome
    Rating – 4.5/5

    This is now removed from the google chrome market.

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Top 21 offline iOS emulators for Windows PC:-

  1. MOBIONE STUDIObest ios emulator mobione studio

    MobiOne is still one of the best iOS emulators for Windows even if it is discontinued now. But, you can still use it. Using this you can run iOS apps and games on your Windows machine. It’s also useful if you develop cross-platform applications. You can also enable status notification similar to iOS using MobiOne.
    Compatibility – Windows, iPad, Mac, iPhone

  2. SmartFacebest ios emulator smartface

    SamrtFace is another best iPhone or iPad emulator for Windows. It’s very popular among developers for creating cross-platform applications. It’s free but you can also choose the paid version if you want but we suggest you to first try the free version. The paid version is mainly useful for developers to test iOS apps instantly. Paid version starts at $99.
    Compatibility – Windows
    Rating – 4/5  DOWNLOAD SMARTFACE

  3. iPadianbest ios emulator ipadian

    If you are looking for a simulator then, this is the best iPad simulator for Windows right now. It’s a great simulator if you always wanted to use an iPad but can’t. You can access apps that come with the iPadian simulator. It’s developed using Adobe Air. There are many Apple features that come with it like Siri, iMessages and watch OS. Its interface is an exact clone of iPhone or iPad. As its a simulator you can’t run every app on it. Its mostly favored over others because of its user-friendly UI. You should go for free version if you just want to get the feel of using iPad on your Windows PC.
    Compatibility – Windows, Linux, Mac OS.
    Rating – 4/5.  DOWNLOAD IPADIAN

  4. Nintendo 3DS Emulator (iOS emulator for Windows PC)best ios emulator nintendo 3ds emulator

    Nintendo is the first choice of everyone when it comes to gaming. Same applies for playing iOS games on windows PC which is made possible with the help of Nintendo 3DS Emulator. It is the best iOS emulator for Windows PC. Some of the 3D games are also supported by Nintendo 3DS. You can download it for free and enjoy iOS games on your Windows PC. Games run you smoothly using this emulator there are no lagging issues. Even the high-end games run quickly on your Windows PC without supported plugins You must use this emulator if you only want to play games.
    Compatibility – Windows, iOS, Android, Mac.

  5. AirPhone Emulatorbest ios emulator is airiphone emulator

    AirPhone is the best iOS emulator for Windows PC. To run AirPhone emulator you first need to install Adobe Air. The GUI of this emulator is an exact copy of iPhone. You can enjoy all the iOS apps and games on your Windows PC. But the feel of iOS isn’t that great. If you have never used an iOS device then only go for it, otherwise it will be a bad experience.
    Compatibility – Windows.

  6. Xamarin TestFlightbest ios emulator xanarine emulator

    Xamarin is owned by Windows. In comparison to others, it is the best Emulator to run iOS apps on windows PC. If you are going to publish your app on the Apple store you can use Xamarin TestFlight for testing purpose. You should expect frequent updates because it is a Windows product. You also get the Advanced Support option in this app along with a user-friendly interface. The only con is you can only run or test apps based on iOS 8.0 or above. Also, this is a paid app which starts at $25 per month.                    Rating – 3.5/5  DOWNLOAD XAMARIN TESTFLIGHT

  7. iPhone Simulatorbest ios emulator is iphone simulator

    If you are looking for an emulator to only play games with the real feel of iPhone then this is the best simulator to run iOS apps on Windows PC. It’s also a great alternative to iPad simulator. But the only difference is that iPad simulator is an extension whereas iPhone simulator is an app which needs installation. You can get the real feel of iPhone using this, you must check it if you have never used an iPhone. Graphics quality is excellent i.e you can run high-end games which is another great reason to choose this over others. Another good reason is that it’s completely free. You can get the experience of a real iPhone using iPhone Simulator on your Windows PC.
    Compatibility – Windows.

  8. RIPPLEbest ios emulator is ripple

    Ripple has gain popularity in the iOS emulator market over time. Ripple is also the best alternative to iPad simulator. Ripple is an extension for browsers which you can download from Chrome web store in case of google chrome which is free of cost. It’s a great tool for creating and testing new apps. It’s a cloud-based emulator using which you can run all iOS apps on your Windows PC. It is popular among developers.
    Compatibility – Google Chrome.
    Rating – 4.5/5.  DOWNLOAD IPHONE

  9. iDOS Emulatorbest ios emulator is idos emulator

    iDOS Emulator works fine to get iOS experience on your Windows PC. the iDOS emulator is free of cost. Its interface is simple and beginner friendly. It is not a much-recommended software as it is not getting any new updates. So, I suggest you to first try other emulators and go for it at last.
    Compatibility – Windows.

  10. Electric Mobile Studiobest ios emulator is electric mobile studio

    Electric Mobile Studio is considered one of the highest quality emulator for running iOS apps on Windows PC. But, only catch is that it’s paid but the features it offers are worth it. The electric mobile studio also gives you the facility to develop iOS apps in different programming languages. It’s quite heavy and eats lots of memory when compared to other emulators. It comes with a 7-day free trial during which you can use and test and after that, it’s $39.99 per month.
    Compatibility – Windows.

  11. iMAMEbest ios emulator is imame

    As the name rhymes with game, iMame was specially designed for games. Using iMame you can play various iOS 9/10 games on your Windows PC without any effort. Just download it and start enjoying iOS games on your Windows PC. You can run any apps from iPhone as well as from iPad.
    Compatibility – N/A
    Rating – 2.5/5  DOWNLOAD IMAME

  12. Remoted iOS Simulatorbest ios emulator is remoted ios emulator

    It is a simulator which is used to test apps and also enables debugging in the Visual Studio Enterprise version of Windows. For developers, it is a great option to test their apps. It is also created by xamarin.
    Compatibility – Windows.

  13. XAMARIN (iOS Emulator for Windows)best ios emulator is xamarine

    Xamarin comes in top places when it comes to best iOS emulator for Windows PC. It is easy and free to use. It’s mostly used by developers to test the cross-platform compatibility of their iOS apps. You can debug iOS apps using visual studio IDE on your Windows PC. It’s a great option for developers to test apps. It is a great product with high-quality features.
    Compatibility – Windows, Linux, Mac.
    Rating – 3.5/5. DOWNLOAD XAMARIN

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Below are some emulators for Mac PC. Go through them if you use a MacBook. These are same as the above described but they also work on Mac.

  1. App.IO

    App.io is a top alternative to appetize.io. This iOS emulator is also available for Mac along with its windows version. It is based on cloud and is an online emulator. It supports all versions of Mac and windows. You can download from the link given above. You don’t need to download any additional app as it is a web-based application.

  2. Xamarin Test flight

    One of the best emulators of the Windows world is also available for Mac. It’s great features make it a suitable choice as an emulator even in Mac OS. It’s compatible with all Mac versions. You can also use it to test iOS apps while developing. iPhone can also be emulated with it on Mac.

  3. Appetize.iobest ios emulator for mac is appetize.io

    This is one of the best iOS emulators for Mac. It’s completely same for Mac as it is for windows. If you have used anyone you can use it on another platform with ease. You can enjoy iOS apps on Mac without worrying about the version. Also, another great feature is that it’s an online emulator. To use you just need to visit the official website and start using this emulator. You can try it if you had bad luck with other mentioned emulators. DOWNLOAD APPETIZE                                                                                                                       

  4. Xamarin                                                                                                                This product is developed by Apple. As it is an Apple product you don’t need to worry about the quality. Also, it has tons of great features in both paid and free versions for running and testing apps. It has all the features that you want your emulator to possess. DOWNLOAD XAMARIN FOR MAC
This list includes all the top best iOS emulators for windows. You can select anyone from them which will fulfill your needs. Hope, you may like it. If we have missed any iOS emulator for Windows, tell us about it in the comment section below.



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