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Tak Zang is an application by which you can prank your friends. Tak Zang miss call bomber apk is the best application to prank your friends. Today in this post I will tell you how to download Tak Zang miss call bomber apk  and how to use it to prank your friends. I have used a lot of application and tried a lot on my friends to have some fun, but this application is just amazing. Very few people know about Tak Zang and and they even search on Google to download Tak Zang APK but every time they tries to download Tak Zang APK they didn’t get a exact link to download the application. So today I am going to help you my brother.

What is Tak Zang miss call Bomber APK?

Tak Zang miss call bomber is an application by which you can prank your friend by calling them continuously without any break. This application is the first of its kind and help you to call your friend a lot of time so that he should be annoyed by your calls. Okay, let me explain you In a simple way. In this application you just have to fill the number of your friend and select the number of time you want to call him which is up to Max 999 and just hit the start button. Then your friend will start getting incoming calls but your call will be disconnected in just one second and he won’t be able to pick up your call or receive your call. And this thing will angry your friend a lot and if he is of Angry nature then he will block your number too. So try this on those friends who can bear this prank.

Download Tak Zang APK latest version 2018

Tak Zang miss call Bomber application is the best application at this time for doing pranks on your friends. And if you know any other application which is used for prank your friend then please let me know in the comments. You can download Tak Zang apk from the download button below and start enjoying.

Tak Zang Apk Download

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How to use Tak Zang APK or Tak Zang miss call bomber?

I hope now you had downloaded Tak Zang miss call bomber APK from the download button above. Now I will tell you how to use Tak Zang APK to prank your friends in step by step procedure.

  1. First, you have to enable unknown sources in your settings by going into settings> Security> Unknown sources. Because this application is not available on Playstore so you have to do this step. unknown sources
  2. Now select the Tak Zang apk file in your file manager and start installing it in a normal way.
  3. After complete installation you just have to open the takzang app and there you will see two languages you just have to select “continue in English”.
  4. Now you have to choose the first option which is Start, here you have to select your victim by just sitting selecting contact option or you can write the phone number of the victim. Then tap on next.
  5. Here you have to fill the amount of time you want to call the victim. Make sure it should be too much for the victim.
  6. Now you have to fill miss call duration. I will suggest you to put miss call duration between 5 to 10 second.
  7. Then hit start button and your phone will automatically start calling your friend.
  8. Now if you want to discontinue this automatic process of calling then you just have to touch this blue screen and this process will stop.

Tak Zang APK is safe or not?

Yeah I know that this application is not available on play store and you guys can’t trust it. Maybe you have a thought that this application is collecting your contact numbers. And I will not say that this is 100% secure application because I can’t check it, what I can say is that this application does not contain any ads. so it’s up to you now if you want to use this application then you can download it from the link given in this post. I have tried this application on my phone cause I don’t care that much about the security.

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Final words on Tak Zang APK:

If you don’t want to follow rules of Google Play Store and wanna try some extra application which are not listed on Google Play Store then you should must download this application and try it on your device once. you will have a lot of fun while calling your friends without their permissions. It is more annoying when they are on a call with someone else and you are calling them continuously. This is a lot of fun. Just try this application and let me know your experience in the comment section below and don’t forget to rate this post by selecting some stars from the below 5 stars.




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